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Having visited Tuscany many times over the last ten years, I am please to have the opportunity to provide personal service to our Canadian clients. 

I am living in West Vancouver and am available to speak to you on the phone or respond to your email at any time.

Tuscany is a very special place.  Whether your interests are the galleries of Florence,  experiencing culinary delights or enjoying the Tuscan country side, a trip to Tuscany will match no other.

I first traveled to Italy for a short visit in 1997. At that time I was only able to briefly explore some of the northern part of Italy beginning in the Valley of Aoste and continuing through to Verona, Vicenza, Venice and Bolzano.

This all too short stay was enough to instill in me an appreciation for the country, which I had not previously had. I returned in 1999 for three weeks at which time my love for the country was confirmed. Since then my husband and I have traveled to many areas in Italy almost every year.

While our favorite destination is the Tuscany Region, each year we make a point of visiting another area as well. As a result, I am able to provide information on a wide variety of matters for people interested in traveling elsewhere in Italy. Italy is a fascinating country of great diversity.

Since then I have helped hundreds of Canadians plan their holiday to Tuscany.

In order to better serve my clients I now pleased to now offer properties of other owners as well.  These include an Agritoursimo and properties that have a required stay of less than one week.
Here is what I can offer that I do not believe any other Canadian OR US agent renting homes in Tuscany can match:

  • As a licensed British Columbia Travel Agent, ( BPCPA Travel Agent Licence #48586) I am required to comply with and my clients are protected by the provisions of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and the Travel Industry Regulation of British Columbia and access to the Travel Assurance Fund created under the Act.

  • I am available to speak to my clients and answer their questions seven days a week by phone at my toll free number of 1-877-887-1910. If I don’t have all of the information they need, I know who to call to get it for them quickly and accurately.

  • I accept payment by cheque, bank transfer and credit card and, most importantly, allow them the choice of paying a fixed Canadian dollar price or, if they wish to accept the risk of exchange rate fluctuations and the sometimes unpredictable bank charges for foreign currency transactions, which can add as much as 6 to 8 percent to the cost, the owner’s Euro price.

I said above that it has been an exciting and sometimes stressful past few weeks. The stress is disappearing, the excitement is starting to take over and I am look forward to moving ahead. I hope that you will join me in my new venture and I welcome your phone calls and emails.

Susan Steele

Some Definitions:


Although by our standards many villas look like mansions, a villa is merely a house with a garden. It can be any size from small and cozy to grand and opulent. A villa rental may allow you to rent the entire villa or just one unit within the villa.


Many restored farmhouses are rented as vacation homes or are divided into apartments. Some are charming, quiet, rustic homes and may be located on farms that are still active. On an active farm you might enjoy fresh eggs, Wine, grape harvesting or olive pressing, and Olive Oil. Many of our Villas are associated with wineries.


A borgo is a rural village of rustic farmhouses, renovated with a rustic touch. It originally referred to a new village outside of the walls of an old town, and is still defined that way today.


It sounds like the word palace but truly refers to a grand building which housed a famous family or served as an institution such as a hunting lodge for nobility.


It is very common for a villa, farmhouse or borgo to be divided into several apartments which all share a
swimming pool and outdoor gardens.